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Donation Process

If you decide to make a donation to the Trust of an historic preservation easement, a Trust representative will meet with you to answer questions and complete the initial documentation. The Trust will request necessary approvals on your behalf, which include application for historic certification of the property from the State and Federal government (National Park Service) and approval of any mortgage lenders you may have. The entire donation process, including approvals, typically takes four to five months to complete.

Any donor interested in claiming a tax deduction for the value of the easement donation must obtain an appraisal as required by IRS regulations. The appraisal determines both the fair market value of the property and the value of the easement (the value of the charitable donation for tax purposes).

Once the donation steps are complete, the Trust will send the donor a package with final easement documents to sign and return along with a cash contribution to the Trust. within a few weeks, the Trust will forward the documents necessry to acknowledge the donation for purposes of claiming an income tax deduction. After the Trust receives the recorded easement document from the local land records office-typically 90-120 days following your donation-the Trust will forward a copy of the recorded easement to the easement donor.

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Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative Bronze Plaque Commemorative Bronze Plaque

Once the donation is complete, and the easement recorded, you may at any time elect to have bronze plaque installed at the property to commemorate your commitment to historic preservation of your property. The plaque, and its installation, are complimentary. The plaque is made of solid bronze. Its dimensions are 7 1/2" high by 6 1/2" wide. The plaque is installed with a single screw in the center to minimize interference with surface treatments.

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