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Board of Directors and Officers

Mario Leonel
President and Board Member
Mr. Leonel has led in the preservation activities of the Trust since its founding. He is an engineer by background, with extensive international experience and studies in the area of preservation applied in the urban environment. He has rehabilitated historic buildings in the Washington, DC, area, where he also resides in an historic property.

Lisa Gibson
Secretary and Board Member
Ms. Gibson has had a 20 year career in Urban Real Estate planning and administration, during which time she has maintained an avid interest, both professionally and personally, in neighborhood and historic preservation, and has been a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and other preservation groups. She is a long time resident of both Washington, DC and New York, NY, where she resides in an historic property.

Mary Ellen Seravalli
Board Member
Ms. Seravalli is an attorney with 25 years of corporate and real estate experience, including acting as General Counsel for one of the largest real estate developers in the country. She brings to the Board the benefit of her legal background in corporate as well as real estate matters. She also has an enthusiatic interest in preservation, and is involved in property rehabilitation in northern Virginia.

M. Andre Leonel
Board Member
Mr. Leonel holds a degree in economics from Virginia Tech, with an interest in business management and real estate. He also has an interest in rehabilitation of historic properties in the Washington, DC area.

Marlene List
Board Member
Ms. List graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina with degrees in both economics and finance. She is now employed by a Washington, DC area commercial real estate development and management firm. She has developed a specialization in properties that are historic or LEED certified for sustainability, having already obtained first level certification for LEED properties.

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501(c)(3) Status

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that Capitol Historic Trust, Inc. is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) and that it is treated as a public charity. The Trust has also successfully completed its "advance ruling period" as a 501(c)(3). A copy of the IRS Letter affirming tax exempt status and treatment as a public charity is below, and may be viewed or downloaded from the PDF file.

IRS Letter for 501(3)(c) status
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