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Our Mission

Preservation of Historic Communities
The Capitol Historic Trust is dedicated to the preservation of our architectural heritage in the areas in and surrounding our nation's capital. We are a not-for-profit organization founded to encourage historic property owners to permanently protect their historic properties while enjoying a tax incentive. The Trust favors the voluntary preservation enabled by the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program enacted by Congess. The pragmatic approach of the Program allows preservation efforts to effectively coexist with the full social and economic use of historic properties.

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Letter from the President

Mario Leonel, President Mario Leonel, President

The mission of Capitol Historic Trust is the preservation of historic communities. The Trust accomplishes this mission primarily through the acceptance of donations from historic property owners of historic preservation easements. By making such a donation, a property owner voluntarily protect the historic architecture of the property in perpetuity.

The Trust monitors the donated easements for compliance and reviews proposals for changes to the exterior of the property to ensure that the architectural integrity of the fa├žade is maintained. We actively express our commitment to preservation by:

  • Conducting annual property reviews for all donated easements;
  • Building our monitoring database following tried and tested monitoring and enforcement practices; and
  • Maintaining our stewardship fund through conservative management such that the Trust will always have sufficient funds to pay for its monitoring and enforcement comnmitments.

    The easement of the Trust allows for no changes to the protected exterior of the historic property without the specific approval of the Trust. The Trust operates through headquarters in Washington, DC, where we conduct our core monitoring and enforcement activities. We also engage local architectural historians to assist in the change approval and enforcement process.

    We welcome all questions and inquiries about the Trust and its approach to the protection of historic properties. You may contact us by calling at our number below or sending us an email to

    Your interest in the Trust and the historic preservation is greatly appreciated.


    Mario Leonel
    Capitol Historic Trust

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